At MB Zen we have set out to build a brand that helps women age actively and healthily, without pain.

We believe women are the glue that holds society together, by simply being mothers, sisters, wives, lovers, friends…women on their daily lives.

Thus, we want to become the one-stop solution to prevent pain from crippling women’s lives.

Let me tell you a quick personal story to show you I know how pain can turn your whole life upside-down.

First of all, my name is Rafa, and I am one of the co-founders of MB Zen. I am currently 30, and I started exercising seriously when I was almost 28. Well, when I was 29, I got injured in my back. Specifically, I got my spine injured between the L5 and the S1. I finally found that what I have is called spondylolisthesis.

The symptoms were that I wasn’t able to tie my own shoes. I couldn’t bend to wash my face in the mornings. I couldn’t even turn in the bed without suffering from an acute pain that made my heart and breathe rates to soar.

3 different orthopaedic specialists told me that from then on I would only able to walk and maybe swim, with care. Also, I should wear a back brace and take pain-killers. I was 29…

But rather than blindly following those doctors’ advice I started to research. Long story short, I found, from many real cases, that the only real treatment for my problem was to strengthen the muscles that support the spine. These are the abs and lower-back muscles.

In addition, I went to see a fourth doctor, an sports medicine specialist, who disagreed with all three of the first doctors who saw me, and whose diagnostic was simply to exercise and strengthen my core muscles and lower-back muscles.

The pain disappeared after about a month of daily core and lower-back exercises, using just my bodyweight.

We don’t want anybody to go through the same, or worse, hopeless situation where you are basically told you are a broken toy and that the only solution for you is to poison yourself with daily pills and/or undergo surgery.

There are other ways.

Our mission is to create an online site on which you will find the products, information, and support that you need to develop a Zen Mind & Body, achieving the right balance between strength, flexibility, and inner peace, while respecting the environment.

You won’t have to spend countless hours on the web looking for the best products, methods, recipes, and exercises to alleviate your pain, like I had to do. We will provide you with all these and more here. All backed by science and extensive testing. So…

Welcome to MB Zen, welcome to a Pain-Free Active Living


Co-founder MB Zen