At MB Zen, we want to help women age living their lives at their fullest.

Traditionally, women have dedicated their lives to their families and their careers/jobs, but paying little attention to what their bodies actually need. That adds up to a general lack of physical exercise and not very healthy eating habits. The results are seemingly fine bodies -while youth and good genetics keep their influence- that is actually doomed in terms of functionality. Lack of muscle mass and an excess of fat combine with menopause to create a destructive cocktail whose most direct consequence is a diminishing quality of life as women get older.

This is a fact unless women, like you, make changes to their lifestyles.

Our founders, Rafa and Lourdes, didn’t want to see their moms ageing in pain -of any kind- due to their unfunctional bodies, poor eating habits and sedentarism.

It’s just unfair that you spend your whole life dedicated to work, raising your kids, keeping the family together, to end up not being able to fully enjoy your golden days.

We promise to provide you with:

Quality information that you need to break with old habits, and stay in shape, regardless if you are a complete beginner –IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!-, eat healthily and have a sharp mind as you get old. Everything backed by science.

Great products that will assist you on your pain-free ageing journey. Products that we create and/or recommend to our own mothers.

Protect the environment by keeping our negative impact on the world and its inhabitants as low as possible. Making up for it on every feasible occasion.

This is our tribute to our beloved mums and all other ageing women of the world.

We celebrate ageing, but in order to celebrate it properly, mind and body need to be zen.