Are you wondering how to have the perfect body and mind? Do you wish to have those wonderful sweet old days back? Well, there are several ways to get back your amazing body and happiness, and yoga is one of them. This is why the number of yoga practitioners tends to increase every day. But unlike many other solutions to your problems, Yoga is different, unique and it adapts to every person.

In addition to being a spiritual exercise, yoga benefits both physical and mental health. And these are the areas you need to work on. After the kids, the family, or partner, it’s perfectly normal for you to want something to make you feel better. It’s because of that we will be looking at some of the ways yoga changes your body for the best as a woman. Also, we will explore the peace of mind that comes with practicing Yoga.

What Happens When You Practice Yoga Regularly?

Practicing Yoga helps men and women to reach the highest level of awareness. It helps develop mental faculties. To do yoga is to free your mind from the supposed material influences that contaminate it.

The practice of yoga has become a modern-day symbol of serenity, well-being, and peace in the West. Currently, over 20 million Americans practice yoga regularly. This census came from a 2012 Yoga study in America.

Yoga helps you to reach the highest level of awareness.

Ways Yoga Can Change Your Body

1. Yoga can change the body by enhancing brain function

Only 20 minutes of Hatha yoga can improve memory, boost, and improve brain function. In a University of Illinois study, participants scored better on brain function tests after yoga. Also, the results relate to a study done after 20 minutes of vigorous aerobics.

2. Yoga can change your body by decreasing your stress level

According to researchers around the world, yoga can reduce stress. This is as a result of its ability to reduce the activity of proteins. It reduces the activity of proteins that tend to increase inflammation. In any case, a study by Boston University has shown that the practice of 12 weeks of yoga decreases stress. It increases the levels of GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric acid) in the brain. A low level of GABA causes depression and anxiety disorders since it works as a neurotransmitter in the brain.

3. Yoga changes gene expression

A study from the University of Oslo suggests that the many benefits of yoga come from its ability to alter gene expression. This modification occurs in immune cells.

4. Yoga increases the flexibility of the body

A study by Colorado State University has shown that yoga is often associated with an increase in flexibility. It increases the flexibility of the shoulders, lower back, and hamstrings, among other parts of the body.

Yoga increases flexibility of the shoulders, lower back, and hamstrings the most.

5. Yoga lowers blood pressure

People with mild to moderate hypertension could gain from a yoga practice. A study by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania shows that yoga can help to reduce high blood pressure. It showed that people who practiced yoga had greater drops in blood pressure. This was in comparison with those who participated in other exercise routines.

6. Small lungs with more capacity

A 2000 Ball State University study found that practicing Hatha Yoga for a long time can increase your lung capacity. This increased lung capacity refers to the highest amount of air the lungs can hold. It also refers to the maximum amount of air that can be inhaled or exhaled. So yoga improves our breathing capacity which benefits us in many ways, for example, letting us deepen our breathing and hence improving relaxation.

7. Yoga improves sexuality

A Harvard study published in 2009 in the “Journal of Sexual Medicine” proves that yoga can enhance arousal. It can also improve sexual satisfaction, desire, and orgasm in women.

8. Reduction of neck pain

A German study published in “The Journal of Pain” showed the effect of yoga on pain. Four weeks of Iyengar yoga is effective in reducing the intensity of pain in adults with neck pain issues.

9. Back pain relief

Researchers at the University of West Virginia have found that Iyengar yoga can relieve pain. Their research showed that Iyengar yoga is more effective than standard medical treatments, an occurrence mainly happening in people with chronic lower back problems.

back pain

Yoga can relieve pain in people with chronic lower back problems.

10. Helps balance sugar levels in diabetics

Practicing yoga at the same time as dieting for diabetics could stabilize blood sugar levels, according to a 2011 Diabetes Care study. Only a few months of yoga and diabetes care can cause a decrease in body mass index. It also stabilized the blood sugar level.

11. Yoga improves balance

Practicing yoga can help improve balance and helps prevent falls especially in women over 50 years old.

12. Stronger bones

A pilot study conducted in 2009 by Dr. Loren Fishman showed that the practice of yoga improves bone density especially in people above 50 years.

13. Yoga increases weight loss

Researchers from the Center for Research on Cancer in Seattle have found a link between regular yoga practice and weight loss. Yoga has been able to maintain weight among more than 15,000 healthy adults and middle-aged individuals.

14. Yoga reduces the risk of heart disease

As part of a healthy lifestyle, yoga can reduce heart risk factors such as high cholesterol. This is according to Harvard Health Publications.

Yoga could be good for heart disease according to Harvard.

Four Benefits of Yoga on the Mind

Whatever the point of view or the type of yoga, it participates in the good health of the mind. Let’s take a look here at 4 benefits of this discipline for your mind.

1. It acts against psychic problems linked to stress

Yoga acts against difficulty in concentrating, moodiness, and so many other disorders. These disorders are often favored by chronic stress. So, when you are having stress-related problems, think about doing yoga. Try yoga, which has shown these soothing properties. Take advantage of his static exercises, based on calm and slow breathing. Yoga allows you to find an emotional and psychic balance in front of the attacks of modern life. This practice brings calm and relaxation to the mind.

2. Yoga improves your concentration

Practicing Hatha yoga postures can help you boost your concentration. This form of yoga was based on physiological conceptions of the ancient Hindu civilization. You can use the so-called staff pose to improve your concentration. In this position, you are to sit on your cushion while extending your legs forward. You can start to bring your heels each to the opposite thigh toward the lotus pose.

These are great poses for meditation as well.

3. Yoga does well to psychic functions

In yoga, breathing control helps to regulate psychic functions. This is because proper breathing helps to relax the mind, which in turn improves your psychic functions. Breathing techniques are called “Pranayama”. There are various modes of breathing in yoga. All of them aim at respiratory rehabilitation and a good nervous balance, as well as improving concentration and mindfulness. Yoga is thus a useful instrument for psycho-physiological balance.

4. Mind domination

For the yogi, the domination of the mind is only possible through meditation, which to be done for extended period of time requires an apt body. This is the ultimate goal of the yoga asanas.

Practicing yoga helps improve your concentration and psychic functions. This in turn helps you gain more control over your mind as well as your emotions. This can be of great help in a wide variety of situations. For example, the domination of the mind grants a serenity that is positive on the will and the character, which can help you cope with difficult family issues, to name one.

Yoga helps you gain more control over your mind and emotions.


Yoga undeniably produces many changes on the body. It improves muscle mass and tone, hormonal balance, and proper breathing. It can also be often used to lose weight.

In addition, it also reduces stress through, for example, improving your lung capacity and affecting your hormone production, which eventually will keep you calm and focus on what matters. With the stressful situations that might be multiplying around you, yoga is a proven long-term tool that can help you cope with them.

Being a self-focus practice, anyone can get started and enjoy the physical and psychological changes it produces on the human body.

So, are there still excuses for not at least trying? Start practicing yoga and get marveled with all the great changes it’ll bring to your body.

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