All I want for Christmas is…literally everything on this list. BUT this list is for all of you out there who are struggling to find a present for loved ones who are infatuated with yoga (so basically everyone). I’ve had plenty of people/friends/fellow yogis asking me for present ideas, and this topic is quite appropriate given the time of the year, so please peruse at your leisure.

These 10 products include something for everyone, whether your friend is fashion focused, a traveler, or creative, you’ll definitely find something that will help you (and your friend) have a very merry holiday season (and one that is stress-free).

1- Yoga Mat

We’re going back to the yoga essentials with this one! Perfect for the yogi who is just starting out and hasn’t purchased a mat of their very own, or the blossoming yogi who is ready to trade in their beginner (maybe cheaper or very well loved) mat for something a little fancier. With so many styles and types to choose from, there is something for everyone!

2- A Pair Yogi Socks

Whether your friend just doesn’t like going barefoot during yoga practice, or maybe has extra slippery feet, yogi socks fit the bill for the perfect holiday present. These socks can look widely different depending on where you buy them (from having your little toesies exposed, to looking like regular socks) – so customize your friend’s sock needs in a present that will help them look beau-toe-ful!

3- Monthly Subscription Box

Give the gift that keeps giving…every month that is! Monthly subscription boxes are like having the holiday season each month, and with a wide variety of types of boxes and subscription prices, you can choose the best box to suit your friend’s (and your financial) needs. A few of my favorites are Yogi Surprise, Mindfulness Box, and Enjoy Leggings!

4- Singing Bowl(s)

If you have a healer in your life or someone who is musically inclined, singing bowls may be just the gift for them. These beautiful bowls use the power of vibration and sound to bring harmony to the mind, body, and soul. There are lots of different types (each tackling a different chakra), and are intended to bring another aspect of healing to your friend’s meditation practice.

5- Yoga Wheel

Do you have a friend who is forever hunched over, spending too many hours working/studying? If so, a yoga wheel may be just what they need. These fabulous yoga tools help to stretch the front of the body, helping the heart to shine a little brighter. These yoga wheels are perfect for everyone (if used correctly), and may help ease muscle aches and soreness off of the mat.

6- Skidless, Sweatproof Yoga Mat Towel

Phew, these towels can save lives, and yoga practices (especially heated yoga practices)! But for real, I didn’t know how much power these little towels had until I finally bought one of my very own – and now I want everyone to have these life changing products! Do your loved one a favor this holiday season, and leave the slipping/sliding to the ice outside, not the indoor yoga classes.

7- Yoga Blocks

Yoga Blocks are one of my favorite yogi tools! You can use it for restorative poses (s/o to supported fish), keep alignment when flowing from half-moon to revolved half-moon, or even to build strength (holding it while transitioning from boat to canoe). The options are endless with blocks, but one thing is for certain – they are literally amazing.

8- Headbands to Keep Flyaways, Away

When yoga classes get hot and sweaty, your friend will need a headband to keep their hair out of their face. Whether they’re a beginner or a yogi master, headbands are essential for keeping the focus on the breath, pose, and class. Be creative with the different colors, textures, and sizes of headbands perfect for your beloved.

9- Essential Oils

Elevate your friend’s yoga practice by giving them an essential oil variety pack! From calm-inducing scents, to healing fragrances, essential oils are customizable to your friend’s scent and health related needs. If you want an easy little Christmas package, pair this with an oil diffuser to provide a fragrant and healthy way to spread the scent (and love) this holiday season. Please be conscientious of where you are buying your oils from and what you are using them for (if you would like to apply it topically or even ingest), some brands are worth the extra money!

10- A Yoga Retreat (for 2)

What better gift to give that overworked, overstressed yogi in your life than a yoga retreat? Just days spent focusing on yoga, good food, and friendship (if you invite yourself along); out of the cold, slushy winter weather! There are lots of options to choose from with yoga retreats, click here to choose the best option for your friend (and you). If a yoga retreat is too expensive try out a local workshop that you and a friend can do together!

The holiday season can be a stressful time for everyone, but let’s take the stress out of gift-giving with this list! Yoga is all about ease (because what is the opposite of ease? DISEASE!), and with these gifts you have the power to positively impact your loved one’s yoga practice and life. If you’re well prepared this holiday season and already have your presents bought, send this link to loved ones so they know exactly what to get you – or bookmark it for next year/other holidays!

What was your favorite yoga-related present that you’ve received? Do you have any other additions to this list that are absolute must-haves? What’s this season’s latest and greatest yoga addition? Any yoga product related flops?

I can’t wait to hear all about your yoga gifting experiences (and present recommendations), I feel like you all keep me in the loop with new yoga information and I truly appreciate it (you all keep me young and hip)!

Have a healthy and happy holiday season full of joy and laughter my lovelies!

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